Meiling gets BSCI approval

Under the auspices of the company leaders of Meiling, the audit team reviewed the documents, conducted on-site interviews with staff, highly affirmed the company management, and announced Meiling’s passing the BSCI audit. The approval is an affirmation of Meiling's efforts over years, and meanwhile, it reflects Meiling's high sense of social responsibility.

Meiling clearly defines the responsibilities and mutual relations of personnel at all functional levels, and specifies the ability requirements of various personnel from the aspects of enterprise education, training, skills and experience, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the company. The continuous improvement of other advanced concepts and management level helps to improve the relationship between the company and employees, enhance the company's image and brand influence, improve enterprise productivity and ensure the continuous innovation and development of the company.

For Meiling, getting the BSCI certificate not only means obtaining the trust of the community but also is a new starting point of the company’s future growth. Meiling will take this opportunity to create greater glory.